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'O stile Chiamma,Napule risponne
Style calls,Napoli responds

"Tailor-Made Crime" wants to be a new way of communicating the excellence of Isaia and the entire Neapolitan creative and productive sector through a divertissement full of humor and irony, without ignoring the aesthetic quality. Who knows if this lighthearted and provocative attitude will help you finally understand the lifestyle of Naples?

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Our Marechiaro silhouette taps deep into the Neapolitan sartorial tradition with its soft grinze-trimmed shoulder, wider lapel and full-length darts along the front.

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The Gregorio, with its assertive silhouette and subtle cut-away at the front, reads both casual and powerfully professional. Designed to highlight the strength and audacity of simplicity, the Gregorio allows your individuality to shine through every stitch.

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