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by Gianluca Isaia

2 JAN 2015

Tailor-Made Crime

by Cesare Cunaccia

This title and more than eloquent subtitle – "'O stile chiamma, Napule risponne" (Style calls, Napoli responds) - introduce a mystery parody that takes place at ISAIA in Casalnuovo, near Napoli. This area is famous for two very different reasons: it is the home of extraordinary menswear tailors known for their inimitable professionalism, but it is also historically associated with organized crime.

"The fast-paced plot full of iconic references takes an ironic and amusing approach, through a series of misunderstandings and surreal provocations, to the very popular cliché of Napoli being the home of shady dealings," says Gianluca Isaia.
"The idea behind the film is the result of a creative partnership between Paola Manfrin, the brand's Creative Director (about communication) and co-author of the original screenplay, and Neapolitan film director Gianluca Migliarotti, known for having already filmed the

incredible and multifaceted universe of Neapolitan tailors." "The film is about a stubborn female police chief who, sequence after sequence, interrogates members of the Isaia family, employees, tailors, and workers," says director Migliarotti.
"Accompanied by two agents, in a crescendo of surreal absurdity, the police chief pursues "the boss", CEO Gianluca Isaia, a mysterious and elusive figure who "lives on a plane" and only appears at the end of the film. She relentlessly seeks the real reason behind the brand's great success, which she presumes with bizarre and unwavering determination is of criminal origin."
"During the interrogations, the continuous investigations and searches," says Paola Manfrin, "which are underlined by a series of Italian-style comedic effects and ambiguous mistakes, a "map" of the Isaia product is created, revealing the extreme professional quality that has made it an international success…which is anything but shady!"

Even the posters for the film are a take on classic Italian mystery flicks from the sixties and seventies: an intriguing, hybrid game that is cultured, caustic and pop. The video is filmed live, with English subtitles directly translated from Neapolitan, which UNESCO declared a genuine language. The actors enthusiastically playing their parts are the whole Isaia family: Alessandra, Barbara, Corrado, Daniela, Enrico Senior, Enrico Junior, Gianluca and Massimiliano. "Through their participation," says Gianluca Isaia, "they explain the rules of great sartorial tradition in an ironic and almost metaphysical and metaphoric way. As the actors are grilled by the interrogators, the viewers learn how a jacket is constructed and the Neapolitan definition for its special parts, how a person can recognize a well-made tie, about internationalism, and even company plans and accounts."
Gianluca Migliarotti confessed that to achieve a palpable sense of anxiety, pathos, and authentic pressure during the interrogation scenes, he screamed at the astonished actors to terrorize them, obtaining more authentic acting according to the Stanislavski method.

Gianluca Isaia, CEO of the brand, concludes, "'Tailor-Made Crime' wants to be a new way of communicating the excellence of Isaia and the entire Neapolitan creative and productive sector through a divertissement full of humor and irony, without ignoring the aesthetic quality. Who knows if this lighthearted and provocative attitude will help to finally refute the restrictive axiom of Napoli equal to shady business?"
Stay tuned for the official release on January 17th.