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Fall Winter 2018

I LOVE CORALLINO© here he goes again in the new Isaia FW 2018-19 Collection Corallino had fun with a special capsule of T-shirts printed with a few typical slurs that incarnate negative cliches about Napoli. His humor is brandished with a flourish against a wall of useless prejudices and many senseless barriers. Scathing yet fundamentally good-natured humor is veined with Neapolitan pride and joy. Above all, it is a mantra elevated to an exorcism, while that sardonic, disarming and redemptive laugther that Napoli has always conjured up, even in its darkest hours, resonates: 'A mamma d' 'e sciém' è sempre prena
(the mother of idiots is always pregnant).
The great sartorial tradition of Casalnuovo
is the main theme of the
ISAIA FW 2018-19 collection.
It is a tribute to artisan workmanship that is unique in the world. Constructed yet soft silhouettes of suits and jackets with a sporty yet elegant touch combined with an all-Neapolitan “sprezzatura” (i.e. nonchalance). A slight fifties and sixties retro mood can be seen in the proportions and fit of the garments. Not by chance, the little of Isaia’s proposal for next winter is: Casalnuovo Collection.
There is a wide range of luxurious fabrics and exquisite production techniques such as flee-effect cashmere that is used for bomber jackets, car coats and other garments. There is a yak and special segment of Black Sheep merinos from Australia and New Zealand. Black Sheep simply means the yarn has not been dyed and the color you see is the natural color of the sheep’s fur.
The color palette goes across notes of burgundy, magenta, purple, and rust as well as mosaic of grays and brown, green with an emerald tint and faded blue. Fifties-style color schemes and prints with a dandy look made with wool fabrics of a different weights and feel, arriving at linen blend fabrics with a vintage mélange effect.
The luxury segment is based on cashmere and silk and on tie prints. Sport elegance is expressed through Scottish plaids for leisure jackets in combination of red, green and blue, with the well-known Black Watch pattern, but also with the introduction of unusual shades of rust, gray camel. The Donegal or Irish tweed motif with its mosaic of seven colors, the ancient fabric of Irish kings, is used on 100% cashmere fabrics.
Jersey comes in magical new blends, from the exclusive Filo di Corallo [Coral Yarn] used in our all-season knitwear to Cashsilk Jersey, with a satin finish and soft feel, which is mainly used for deconstructed, fitted casual jackets. Once again, a reinterpreted retro mood emerges in bouclé
Denim jeans come in various shades and different fits. They range from colorful dip-dyed or overdyed five-pocket jeans to classic blue grey denim styles. Variations on the jeans theme include 14-ounce denim from our archives with a wide-ribbed pattern and Cashcotton in cotton and cashmere canvas, made of double twisted yarn to obtain more suppleness and strength.
Fresh news, loungewear in striped cotton shirt fabrics with contrast pipping, as well as assorted boxers. Finally, the sportswear for the blue track suit in jersey, which fits as perfect as an ISAIA suite, also redesigned on a vintage concept, with clean lines and total comfort. An authentic contemporary passe-partout.