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  • Must Get Through The Night

    The sense of time, a Napule, m’avite a credere,(in Napoli, you must believe me) is not at all like in other places. We Neapolitans have a very peculiar concept of time, of timelines and even of the calendar.‘O tiemp’(time)for us is something that expands, wavers, that can be squandered and left to dissipate like....

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  • Vide Napule e pò muori

    Napoli is an oxymoron, an absolute contradiction. It is a strange and seething mixture of ancient and modern things. But one could imagine this unparalleled city as a metropolitan laboratory of disconcerting modernity overflowing with inspirations from the most varied and possible aspects, even more than NYC or Shanghai....

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  • Looking Beautiful Is Hard Work

    "Now you're definitely wondering: when will these blessed festivities for ISAIA's 60th anniversary end? Okay, it's true: we did a lot of things for this special occasion. But let me say how proud I am of our new boutique in San Francisco, California....

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  • Summer begins when "Candlemas” arrives!

    Summer has returned, bringing with it a scorching blaze of heat. Everyone knows it is difficult to be impeccable and stay cool on long summer days and torrid evenings. It's difficult but – trust us – it's not impossible...

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  • The #ISAIA60th Anniversary

    Vabbuò, c’aggia fà? I must confess, when we shoot our advertising campaigns I have the best time. Honestly, I feel like a kid again. I have always enjoyed being on a photo shoot and getting involved...

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  • Quanno nascette Ninno

    Year after year, despite everything, Christmas keeps exerting that universal magic that everyone knows, especially in Napoli, the land of the world’s most beautiful and festive nativity scenes...

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  • Lord of the Fabric

    In the tailor's shop, the fabric is what brings everything to life. Perhaps we think that because we come from generations of drapers, up to my grandfather Enrico Isaia who......

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  • Coral Herringbone

    ISAIA's fall/winter 2016-17 collection, ladies and gentlemen, is dedicated to the twenty-fifth anniversary of the debut on the international market and especially in the United States.....

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  • Gesti Italiano

    Without a doubt we Italians constantly use our hands when we speak, and our gestures are just as expressive as our words. This fact is often mocked abroad and is seen as something excessive...

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  • The Perfect Tie

    Who knows if those Croatian mercenaries during the Thirty Years War in the 17th century could have ever imagined that a strip of cloth which they used to ward off the cold on the battlefield would have become so successful over the centuries and been given the name cravatta (tie in Italian), which was a mispronunciation of the word...

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  • "Capa ‘ngignòsa, lenta sciccòsa."
    (Creative head, classy glasses.)

    Watch where you're walking and what you're doing. In Naples, the eyes – that is, 'uòcchie' and even 'maluòcchie' – fill proverbs and old sayings. They are used in myriad expressions that are instantly understood and are found in just as many sophisticated and picturesque linguistic forms.

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  • This suit was made especially for you

    Everyone can't stop blathering on about custom-made, bespoke, hand-made or made-to-measure. It's a genuine obsession: a veritable disaster! It's a rocky terrain full of confusion or, at the very least, imprecision and inaccuracy, if we want to be nice about it....

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  • My home is a plane

    I was just a boy when I started traveling on a regular basis. Back in 1976, I accompanied my father on a trip to the United States when, with courage and a touch of authentic Neapolitan recklessness, he set off on his first great American tour. Today I practically live on a plane....

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  • Valentine’s Day

    Here I am, finally, to talk about love. Saint Valentine's Day, February 14, is a worldwide tradition: the celebration of sweethearts. I think it's also the perfect occasion for simply telling people that you care about them, that they're fundamental and irreplaceable and the most important persons in your life....

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  • Napoli is a thousand colors

    This time I think we may have gone too far with our usual provocative advertising. Taking a shot at Italian football – and Neapolitan football in particular – is almost breaking a taboo and committing a sacrilege. After all, we are just paying tribute to and expressing our love for the eternal magic of football and our glorious local team with humor and from an amusing, lighthearted perspective, which is the way we like it...

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  • Tailor-Made Crime

    This title and more than eloquent subtitle – "'O stile chiamma, Napule risponne" (Style calls, Napoli responds) - introduce a mystery parody that takes place at ISAIA in Casalnuovo, near Napoli. This area is famous for two very different reasons: it is the home of extraordinary menswear tailors known for their inimitable professionalism, but it is also historically associated with organized crime....

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  • Christmas at Isaia

    Christmas in Napoli has always assumed many aspects of spiritual significance. It condenses the most profound sense of a particular religiousness rooted in the local culture and expressed in myriad ways. The Neapolitan Christmas is a convivial occasion with opulent Baroque nuances, brimming with aromas, surprises, colors and flavors...

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  • The Volcano Lover - Part 2

    Eighteenth-century Naples was a vibrant cosmopolitan city and the prime destination for Grand Tours. It was among the European capitals celebrated for their exceptional cultural ferment, for the opulence of their aristocracy, and for their fabulous musical production...

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  • The Volcano Lover - Part 1

    I have been always fascinated by the extraordinary episodes in the life of Sir William Douglas Hamilton, (1730-1803), a multi-faceted man born in Scotland who was a diplomat, archeologist, antiques expert, and volcanologist and the resident Englishman at the Bourbon court in Naples for a very long time in a period that witnessed great political, cultural and social upheaval....

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  • Flip-flops, mi amor

    Many have asked me – and continue to ask me – why I always wear simple leather flip-flops in coral red, our signature color, in the summer, even with the most serious formal suit. Well, forgive me for this little quirk.....

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  • Capri in Fall

    Capri in Fall? It's the best, without a doubt. It's as though I'm revealing something obvious: it's no secret. If the weather stays nice, as it usually does, the island is a genuine paradise in Fall. Once the clamor and exaggerations of the torrid summer have gone, the breeze gradually picks up, cooling the air and instantly sweeping away humidity and pests. ...

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